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Interview with Kenneth H. Wheeler about his book, Cultivating Regionalism

Thursday, April 5th, 2012 | Permalink

In Cultivating Regionalism, Kenneth H. Wheeler revises our understanding of the nineteenth-century American Midwest by reconsidering an institution that was pivotal in its making — the small college. During the antebellum decades, Americans built a remarkable number of colleges in the Midwest that would help cultivate their regional identity. Through higher education, the values of people living north and west of the Ohio River formed the basis of a new Midwestern culture.

This is the third video featuring EAP authors. In each video, the authors are asked three questions:

1) Why did you focus your research on this particular place/area/region?

2) Please tell us a little more about your book.

3) Is your study specific to your area or is it applicable to other places/area/regions?

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The Series

"The Early American Places series is an exciting development in scholarly publishing, one that will highlight the most important part of the study of history: the local and particular dimensions of global issues and trends. This is where the rubber meets the road, where ordinary people's lives help to make, and are made by, the bustling wider world in which they live. Early American Places is an original series, and it will publish important scholarship."

— Stephanie M. H. Camp, Rice University